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Mumberry on Good Things Utah with Jessie
“The first time I put on my Mumberry pants, I was in heaven. It was the first relief I felt in lots of the pregnancy. It truly is supportive. It was helping me with back pain. I’ll wear it running errands, chasing after my kids, but I’ve also worn them to the gym too. And while you work out, they stay in place! I love that!”  Jessie Miller, cohost of Good Things Utah
See full video review here
Studio 5 Brooke Walker's favorite pregnancy items: Mumberry
"I found myself at a loss for what to wear to the gym - you aren’t feeling good anyway and putting on gym clothes doesn’t help that cause. And I was too prideful to reach for my husband’s basketball shorts! So I was thrilled to stumble across Mumberry. Your belly is totally just encased and supported. I have felt so comfortable and so pulled together wearing this awesome Mumberry workout wear.” – Brooke Walker, host of Studio 5
See video of full review here
Krista Horton from Top Knot Mama in Mumberry
“Mumberry is the perfect maternity workout gear for any expecting mama. I never knew something could hug your belly and feel like it's carrying the weight for you like these pants and tank top did.”– Krista at Top Knot Mama
Jess Oakes from Positively Oakes in Mumberry
“Mumberry is where it’s at! Their clothes are so comfy and give the absolute best support with their Mumband belly support! Plus, they’re pretty cute if I do say so myself!” – Jess at Positively Oakes
Alicia Rose from Rambunctious Rose in Mumberry
“A lot of women start to invest in belly bands as they get farther along to take the weight off of their back and help to lighten the load. Well guess what? This shirt includes one! This was my absolute favorite part about the top (that says a lot since I was stoked about not having to wear a bra!) I have never felt relief like I did in this top. This band offered a feeling of a "lift" just like I was holding my belly up to let me take an actual breathe for once in the past 8 months. It was my go-to top when it came to birthing classes and running errands and probably will be one of the only things I'll be rocking until this little man makes his appearance.” – Alicia at The Rambunctious Rose
Devrie from Pure Fit Pure Food in Mumberry
“Best active maternity line. So comfortable and well made. I’ve worn my Mumberry since week 20 and it’s one of the few pieces of clothing that still fits with 3 weeks to go!” – Devrie Pettit from @purefitpurefood (image via Michelle Hanson Photography)
bodyfitbyamy in mumberry
"Mumberry gives you the support you need but also room to breathe and room to grow - as we know we all will." - Amy from BodyFit By Amy
nourishmovelove in mumberry
"To be honest I didn't think I needed 'maternity' workout leggings, but I was so grateful for these capris. The first time I wore them in my second trimester I was like well this feels nice on my back as I exercise. And then in the third trimester I never wanted to take them off whether I was exercising or not! I had no idea that a little extra back and belly support could make all the difference in keeping me active throughout my pregnancy! Love these capris and won't do another pregnancy without them!” - Lindsey @nourishmovelove"
Megan Klay from Everyday Family in Mumberry
"The one thing that became a bit of an annoyance as the bump grew was my dwindling options of workout gear that fit. Even some of my yoga pants that “fit” squeeze pretty tight. The appreciation I felt when I discovered a brand of athletic clothing designed especially for pregnant women was huge! Enter, Mumberry! The belly support, “Mumband”, is amazing! It's built-in belly support that is soft, comfortable, and discreet." - Megan Klay from Everyday Family
Erin Rose from Erin Rose Fitness in Mumberry
"I was dying for some maternity workout gear and Mumberry saved the day! I freaking love these pants. The fabric is super soft and it glides right over all these lumps and bumps showing up on my newly extra curvaceous body instead of a thin fabric that clings to you and shows off every cellulite dimples! Plus the supportive belly band will is there to support my expanding mid-section! We all know we push harder and workout more frequently when we look cute." – Erin Rose @erinrosefitness
Jess Allen from Blonde Ponytail Fitness in Mumberry
"The fabric is ultra soft! What’s even cooler are the built in Mumbands for additional belly support. I love the support of belly bands on my growing belly." – Jess at Blonde Ponytail Read full review

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